1. A story to make you all jealous.


    If you’ve been looking at pictures of the play Emperor and Galilean you may have seen a few cropping up of Andrew Scott and a certain gorgeous young man.

    The young man is, of course, James McArdle. My drama class and myself went to see The Heart of Robin Hood (astounding, by the way, the set was incredible) and James McArdle was in it. We kind of fangirled (see: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/reviews/article-2068818/The-Heart-Robin-Hood-review-A-thief-thats-worth-catching-.html - we were the “pre-teens”, despite we’re all 16/17, the article mentions; we were there on the press night, quite clearly screaming away) over him, and so decided to wait outside the stage door.

    And we met him and he was lovely! So, so nice, we had a chat as we made him sign like 10 autographs, then talked to him a bit. He said in the scene where he was hanging upside down by a rope (with no shirt on  what same?) he was scared his boots were going to fall off and he was worried he was wearing purple socks.

    And, uh, that was it! I just thought there might be some fangirls out there who would appreciate this :) So, uhh, come fangirl with me! 

    (Also I would kill all of you to travel back in time to watch the play he and Andrew Scott were in).

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  4. Emperor and Galilean finishes in theatre next week.


    This is your last chance to watch the fantastic Emperor and Galilean at the National Theatre, so make sure you see it if you haven’t already or if you have then make sure you see it again! 

    E&G finishes August 10th with only 4 more performances left on 8th August at 7pm, 9th August at 12.45pm, 9th August at 7pm and the final performance on August 10th at 7pm. 


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  6. doyouresearch:

    James McArdle portrait photoshoot 2009

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  8. James in Spur of the Moment

    James in Spur of the Moment

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  11. "Hi there,
    I'm afraid I don't have Tumblr so I'll just check back for the reply if that's okay.
    Do you know him personally or did you just go to see the Ibsen play and wait for him?
    Thanks a lot for your time."

    I just went to see the play and waited for him :)

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  13. Delivered the fanbooks today


    Thank you for all of the messages that were sent in! James and Andrew also asked me to thank you on their behalf and they were both really pleased to get the books :D

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  15. Andrew Scott Online: Reminder about the fanbooks for Andrew & James »


    We’ve got quite a few things already, so we’ll either be giving them to the guys on Sunday (26th) OR Monday 11th if loads of people suddenly say “Wait, we have things!”

    But if we could give them sooner, that’d be great - even if you just want to wish them good luck (a sentence or two), you can…

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  17. James in Spur of the Moment

    James in Spur of the Moment

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